Tropical & Coldwater Fish

  • Over 100 tanks of tropical and coldwater fish
  • Knowledgeable staff. Beginners always welcome – advice freely given
  • Weekly deliveries of fish
  • FREE water testing service
  • We sell RO water and salt water

If we do not have the fish you desire in stock, we may be able to order it in. 

Aqua one, Fluval, Arcadia, Tetra, Aquarian, Fish science, Vitalis, Hikari, Juwel, JBL, API, Seachem, NTlabs, eSHa and Waterlife

 We stock a wide range of small, medium and large tanks. Starter set ups are also avaliable. To find out more please give us a ring or drop us a messege. 

Butterfly Cichlid

Aquatics Stock List

Neon tetra
Diamond neon tetra
Cardinal tetra
Lemon tetra
Penguin tetra
Black neon tetra
Xray tetra
Black phantom tetra
Red phantom tetra
Black widow tetra
Gold widow tetra
Flame tetra
Congo tetra
Rummy nose tetra
Columbian tetra
Ornate tetra
Emperor tetra
Buenes Aires tetra
*Please call to double check we still have them in stock*
Ram cichlid
Albino kribensis
Jewel cichlid
Keyhole cichlid
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
Geophagus Jurapari
Malawi cichlid
Angel fish
Red Spotted Severum
Apistogramma Borelli
Electric Blue Ram Cichlid
Amazing Discus
Apistogramma Agazzizi
Jewel Cichlid
Keyhole Cichlid
Green Terror
Blue Acara
Apistogramma steindachneri

Tiger barb
Albino tiger barb
Green tiger barb
Odessa barb
Black ruby barb
Cherry barb
Chequer barb
Pentazona barb
Black ruby barb
Malayan 5 stripe barb
Harlequin Rasbora
Rasbora Hengeli
Galaxy Rasbora
Scissortail Rasbora
Long Fin Zebra Danio
Zebra Danio
Brachydanio Albolineatus
Long fin white cloud mountain minnow
White cloud mountain minnow
Rasbora heteromorpha

Bristle nose plecostomus
Gold bristle nose plecostomus
Gold marble bristle nose
King Tiger Plec
Angelicus Plec
Spotted Bulldog Plec
Clown Plec
Flash Panaque
Green phantom plec
Leopard Hi fin Plec
Red Bristlenose Plec
*loads more plecs available to order in*
Corydoras sterbae
Corydoras nannus
Corydoras jullii
Corydoras Barbatus
Corydoras Panda
Corydoras Venezuela
Bronze corydoras
Peppered corydoras
Hoplosternum thoracatum
Botia striata
Botia histronica
Botia kubotia
Clown loach
Siamese flying fox
Flying fox
Gold sucking loach
Red tail black shark
Silver shark
Endler Guppies
Balloon mollies
Girardinus Fulcatus
Limia Nigrofusriata
Black Moscow guppies
Aphyosemion australle
Aphyosemion gardeneri makurde
Aphyosemion bivittatum
Gouramis - All colours
Dwarf gouramis
Male fighters
Female Fighters
Cherry shrimp
Amano shrimp
Red crystal shrimp
Black crystal shrimp
Blue dream shrimp
Sakura shrimp
Bamboo shrimp
Blue velvet shrimp
Boesmanni rainbow
Chilatherina sentaniensis
Fork tail rainbow
Melanotenia australis super red
Pygmy sunfish
Dwarf claw frog
Mbu Puffer fish
Schoutedeni puffer
Channa stewarti - Assamese snakehead
Ghost knife fish
Red fire eel
Spotted  Gar
Freshwater Archer Fish
Polypterus ansorgii, teuglesi, ornatipinnis
Indian rainbow snakehead
Dwarf clawed frog
Panda garra
Rainbow dace
Assorted  fancy goldfish locally bred
Locally bred bubble eyed